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Baltic Sea Heritage Co-operation
The co-operation work started with a declaration by the Ministers of Culture in Lübeck in 1997: "The Ministers agreed that special attention should be given to cultural heritage, which is an important part of the environment and an important factor for economic and social development." The aim of the Baltic Sea Heritage Co-operation is to find and carry out possible actions for safeguarding and developing the common cultural heritage in the Baltic Sea region as declared in the report from the Ministers of Culture meeting in Gdansk, Poland in 1999.

Participating countries
Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Russia and Sweden.

Working groups
Four working groups cover different areas of the co-operation for the safeguarding and developing of the common cultural heritage. Several seminars, meetings and workshops have been held with the aim to develop common policies and to spread and exchange knowledge and expertise. Networks between the countries have been established.

Cultural Heritage Forum
The first Cultural Heritage Forum on "Baltic Sea Identity" was held in Gdansk in April 2003. At this occasion a poster exhibition on lighthouses was inaugurated as well.

Contact person:
Mr Friedrich Lüth
Chairman of the Monitoring group on Cultural Heritage in the Baltic Sea States
E-mail: friedrich.lüth@archaeologie-mv.de
phone: +49 3867 88 05
Fax: +49 3867 88 06
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