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Building Preservation and Maintenance in Practice

Church exterior.


Sv. Jana (St. John’s) church in Cesis, Latvia (photo 2004)

Work Programme 2005 – 2006

The main work programme for 2005-2006 has chosen “church buildings”, i.e. not only churches but also synagogues and other “houses of faith”, as objects of study. These buildings represent advanced techniques and craftsmanship and structural and maintenance problems are constantly present. Their future function is also an urgent question and thus the adoption to new uses and to modern demands like heating.


Reference Library of Good Practices
The Reference Library will make national documentation and information available in the whole region: reports, recommendations and manuals. Most of the national heritage agencies, and many research institutes, have produced manuals on good practices in architectural conservation. These manuals or recommendations are sources to traditions and policies, they can be translated and used in neighbouring countries.
Connections will be opened to knowledge and skills, which cannot be transmitted through written documentation only, i.e. which can be "made available" only through workshops. The library should contain documentation from these workshops - as reports and films.

The work programme assumes that a series of seminars will be organized, one in each participating country. Among the subjects discussed are: Mural painting, Adaptation of old buildings for new functions, Fire protection, Production and use of wood tar, Sustainable maintenance practices etc.

Workshop: Conservation of plaster
Continuation of the workshop which was organized in April 2003 at the St. Mary’s church in Poide on Saaremaa (Estonia). Preliminary date: late spring 2006 Contact persons: Kaire Tooming and Brita Nyquist.

Workshop: Reconstruction of wooden buildings
Analysis, dismantling and reconstruction of timber buildings – seminar and workshop to be organized in the Kashubian open air museum in Wdzydze, Pomerania (Poland) Contact person: Tadeusz Sadkowski.

Second Baltic Sea Cultural Heritage Forum
The second Forum will be organized 9-12 June 2005 in Helsinki by the National Board of Antiquities in Finland. The general theme is "Urban Heritage – Collective Privilege". The working group is responsible for a Pre Forum Workshop on non-governmental organizations; NGO’s as Agents for Good Management of Built Heritage in the Baltic Sea Region. More information: www.nba.fi/en/forum2005

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