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Working Group: Sustainable historic towns
Contact persons
Chairman Margaretha Ehrström
E-mail: margaretha.ehrstrom@nba.fi
Secretary Marianne Lehtimäki
E-mail: marianne.lehtimaki@nba.fi
Denmark Kurt Boye Jensen
National Forest and Nature Agency
E-mail: kbj@sns.dk
Estonia Hain Toss
National Heritage Board
E-mail: hain@muinas.ee
Finland Chairman and Secretary, see above
Germany (Not participating)
Latvia Juris Dambis
Head of institution
E-mail: vkpai@vkpai.gov.lv
Lithuania Jurate Jurevicieni
Vilnius Gediminas Technical University
Norway Gisle Erlien
Section for Urban and Local Development Plans
Directorate for Cultural Heritage
E-mail: gisle.erlien@ra.no
Poland Mr Artur Kostarczyk
Regional Centre For Studies & Preservation of Built Environment in Gdansk
ul.Swietej Trójcy
E-mail: akostarczyk@ros.gda.use.pl

Russian Federation Irina Markina
Director of Central Research and Project Studies of Restoration
Sweden Kersti Berggren
National heritage Board
E-mail: kersti.berggren@raa.se
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