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Working Group: Under water Heritage
Contact persons
Chairman Carsten Lund
National Forest and Nature Agency
E-mail: clu@sns.dk
Denmark Chairman, see above

Torben Malm
Danish Forest and Nature Agency
E-mail: tma@sns.dk

Flemming Rieck
Nationalmusrrts Marinarkeologiske Undersökelser
E-mail: flemming.rieck@natmus.dk

Estonia Vello Mäss
Estonian Maritime Museum
E-mail: vello@meremuuseum.ee
Finland Sallamaria Tikkanen
NBA, Maritime Museum
E-mail: sallamaria.tikkanen@nba.fi
Germany Wili Kramer
Archäologisches Landesamt
E-mail: willi.kramer.uwa@t-online.de
Latvia Juris Urtans
Director, Archaeology Centre
E-mail: jurtan@parks.lv
Lithuania Vladas Zulkus
Klaipeda University
E-mail: centras@vipic.klp.soros.lt
Norway (Not participating)
Poland Mrs Iwona Pomian
Polish Maritime Museum
Russian Federation Dr Zagorulko
Russian Institute of Cultural and Natural Heritage
Head of Laboratory

Dr Peter Sorokin
Russian Academy of Science
The Institute of the History of Material Culture
E-mail: petrarh@ps2333.spb.edu

Sweden Peter Norman
National Heritage Board
E-mail: peter.norman@raa.se
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